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Debt is an essential tool to build safe, healthy and modern communities; it can bootstrap you to prosperity, develop your resources, grow your economy, create jobs, and make life better for your people. But debt is like a power tool: when it gets out of control, things turn into a nightmare and progress can grind to a stop for a generation. Our community report process is about making sure debt works for us.” – CHIEF TERRANCE PAUL

Your donation will assist First Nation Chief and Council to enhance their financial decision-making ability. It enables them to take full advantage of the unprecedented opportunity to increase their First Nations and their members participation in the Canadian economy, create jobs and put an end to the cycle of poverty.

Donations Help to:

  • Promote, broaden and deepen understanding with respect to the importance of financial knowledge and strong governance in effective Aboriginal economic development across a broad range of stakeholders – Aboriginal leaders, government partners and entrepreneurs
  • Secure long-term funding to support the implementation of the community financial review process across Atlantic Aboriginal communities as a necessary prerequisite to more expansive economic development initiatives
  • Develop an annual plan and implementation strategy over five years to bring this innovation to all Atlantic Aboriginal communities and to Atlantic Aboriginal entrepreneurs
  • Respond to early national/international interest by other Aboriginal and First Nations leaders, serve as a resource to other communities interested in emulating this process within their jurisdictions
  • Conduct targeted research to address emerging community needs and to support scholarly research designed to enhance Atlantic Aboriginal socio-economic development and sectoral analysis
  • Complete an annual update and a five year summative analysis and report on the outcomes and impact of the charity on Aboriginal socio-economic development and self-determination

How to Donate

The Ulnooweg Financial Education Centre is seeking financial support from leading foundations, philanthropists, businesses and public bodies to expand the Community Financial Review Process to all communities in the Atlantic region that want to receive it, and to offer it in other regions of Canada as well.

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