Ulnooweg Financial Education Centre

The Ulnooweg Financial Education Centre (the Centre) is a registered charity established to assist First Nations Chief and Council to enhance their financial decision-making ability. It allows them to take full advantage of the unprecedented opportunity to increase their nation’s and their member’s participation in the Canadian economy, create jobs and put an end to the cycle of poverty.

With the participation of a core group of Atlantic First Nations, the Centre has developed, tested and implemented an innovative and proprietary approach to community financial reviews. This enables First Nation elected decision-makers, who may not be trained in finance, to understand and take charge of their finances for better planning, controls, results and debt-management.

With the generous support of the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation we are able to provide our services to Atlantic First Nations Governments.

The Centre is seeking financial support from leading foundations, philanthropists, businesses and public bodies in order to expand the Community Financial Review Process to all communities in the Atlantic region that want to receive it, and to offer it in other regions of Canada as well.

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