Testimonials from our Clients

“At times it all seems very daunting, including the day I sat down to start my business plan, but when it finally starts to take shape, and organizations like yours see the merit and offer support, it’s very comforting. I hope you all know the difference you make in the lives of entrepreneurs…”

Stephanie Burden RPh, B.Sc. Pharmacy
Complete Care Pharmasave #832

“Ulnooweg helped my business grow. I felt the love from them every step!”

Warren Benoit
JBD Contracting

“Ulnooweg is so different from a bank. They developed a relationship with me and treated me like gold!”

Chad Felix
Felix’s Evolution Motorsports

“Ulnooweg was a good help along the way. They were really patient in the process and helped with all the little things.”

Mike Isadore
Mike and the Mechanics

“With Ulnooweg’s financial support we were able to establish some credit worthiness with our business.”

Robert Gloade
G&G Home Heating