The Ulnooweg Difference

Ulnooweg, pronounced [Ul-noo-wegg], is a Mi’kmaq word which broadly translated means: “to make indigenous or to adapt beliefs, customs, etc. of the Mi’kmaq”. In this context, Ulnooweg Development Group would translate to an “Indigenized” Development Group incorporating the beliefs, customs, values, etc. of the Mi’kmaq nation.  In this way, Ulnooweg operates as an extension of the communities, uniquely stewarding to their needs and supporting their business leaders and entrepreneurs. We are all one team working together towards a vision of self-sustaining, healthy communities.

Ulnooweg has been providing loans and business services to Aboriginal entrepreneurs in Atlantic Canada since 1986. With representatives in New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador and Nova Scotia, we offer convenient, personalized service to our clients to help them succeed.

Lisa and Shawn Roberts – Empire Atlantic

Ulnooweg’s lending services bring financial support for businesses who may not be eligible for loans through other traditional lending institutions. We aim to fill the needs that these Aboriginal business owners have in accessing business loans and services.

Aboriginal Business Experience

We recognize that Aboriginal business owners bring a different set of experiences and skills to business, and that some of those experiences may not be well understood by traditional lending and business service agencies.

Our staff of Aboriginal and non-aboriginal business development officers are familiar with the unique challenges and opportunities for Aboriginal entrepreneurs. We take the time to work with each client individually to make sure their business succeeds.

Ongoing Support

At Ulnooweg, we understand that there are all sorts of reasons for starting a business – providing for family and hiring members of the community are two of the main ones. We also know that loans are not a guarantee for business success. Business skills and processes are an important part of making a business work.

At Ulnooweg, we offer a full set of business services along with our loans to ensure that Aboriginal business owners can run their businesses professionally and profitably, which benefits them and their communities.

Recognition and Reward

At the heart of all of Ulnooweg’s business activities is the drive to help Aboriginal business succeed. And when success happens, we also want to be there to recognize and reward entrepreneurs. Ulnooweg’s Aboriginal Entrepreneur Award Show is a bi-annual celebration of individuals and businesses that have dedicated their talent and time to Aboriginal business development. Click here to learn more!

Giving Back

Ulnooweg understands that First Nations governments need financial clarity to build financially stable communities. We also understand the resounding challenges that Chiefs, Councils and financial leaders face in our communities where financial governance spans rights and claims, health, justice, education, social, welfare, housing, municipal, and community-owned business matters. Ulnooweg’s Financial Education Centre aims to support First Nations governments in obtaining financial clarity and making informed financial decisions. Click here to learn more about Ulnooweg’s Financial Education Centre.