Where to Start? Ask your Lending Team!



Left to right: James Stevens, Lynn Joe, Chris Googoo, Arlene White, Matt Tapper, Barbara Sylvester, Bob MacGillivary, Angelina McMullin, Barry Eisenhauer 

The Ulnooweg team is here to help you bring your business dreams to life – every step of the way.

An important first step of any successful business is a solid business plan. In building your plan, you need to ask:

  • What kind of business do I want to start?
  • Who will use my business?
  • What kinds of competition will I have?
  • Will I need employees?

Many government programs subsidize business plan development.

Ulnooweg can point you in the right direction to develop your plan, support you through the lending process and be there to help you celebrate your business success!


For information on sources of funding, including non-repayable and government contributions, contact our team today!